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“DT” – Warrantys Double Take

DT was a big Arabian/WB gelding owned by Deb Matthews.  Pam had the honor of showing this horse in his younger days to give him some mileage and further his training.  The pair climaxed their partnership by earning a Championship title at Sport Horse Nationals in 2007.  Two years later, Deb and DT showed again at Nationals, winning their first top tens in Sport Horse in Hand.  Pam Klonaris took over reins and rode DT to a top ten in Sport Horse under saddle.  This very talented and special horse will be terribly missed by those whose lives he touched and enriched.

With quiet tears, lovingly shed.  I hear the horses, overhead.  Their pounding hooves are thunder stirred, for another friend has joined the herd.  Sleep well DT and know that you are loved and missed by many.   

Warrantys Double Take     6-3-01 to 6-25-10

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