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About Pam Thompson

With over 30 years of experience, Pam Thompson has developed a successful teaching and training business in the heart of horse country.  Her farm, Hy-Hope Stable is located in Cochranville, Pennsylvania.

Pam grew up earning her knowledge of horsemanship through the United States Pony Club.  She quickly moved up the levels to graduate with the top honored “A” rating and has worked full time in the horse industry ever since.

She spent many years gaining experience by working in and managing some of the top stables in the area.  Pam’s diverse riding background includes eventing, foxhunting, racehorses, hunters, and dressage.

Pam has spent her most recent years focusing on bringing young horses up through the levels of dressage.  Through her own success, and that of her students, she has become well known in the Arabian world.

Over the years, Pam has received numerous Regional and National awards, producing some of the top horses in the country.  She has earned her Bronze medal through the United States Dressage Federation and multiple All-Breed Awards.

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