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Riding Lessons:

Riding lessons are available from Pam Thompson at Hy-Hope Stable or Pam will travel to you and your horse.

$75.00 – 1 hr. Private Lesson at Hy-Hope Stable
$80.00 – 1 hr. Private Lesson at your location


Boarding is available with full care from the owner who lives on the premise.

$465.00 – Per month for full care.
$ 20.00 – Per day for short time care of less than a month.


Training is available to help your horse to excel in their potential.

$1,005.00 – per month for exercise/training of horse up to 5 days a week
$900.00 – per month for minimal exercise/training of horse 3 days per week
$38.00 – per day for short term training of less than a month


Get your horse started right with a quiet, calm approach and good basics.

$1,400.00 – per month for ground work and basics

***Fees for competing horse or coaching students at horse shows are available upon request.

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